I mentioned a pair of “windows support” calls that were extremely entertaining, but this call just came in and I just had to post it.

This is another “cardholder services” where “we lower your interest rate” and it is representative of exactly what I am fighting with these bots. Imagine an elderly person getting a call from this guy. Or someone new to this country struggling with the language and trying to build up their credit in the US. Or a young college student with a new card who might be a little naive about interest rates and their bank. It breaks my heart to hear the applause in the background – that means someone just got scammed.

Anyway, one of you (thank you!) transferred this call to my bot and for a while the scammer thought I was just distracted. When he thought I was just trying to waste his time, he got really abusive. I have to admit, I find his abuse somewhat rewarding since he’s exactly what I’m fighting against. And the types of insults were kind of funny too. Anyway, that goes on for a bit but he cannot get any satisfying response from my bot. Then at the end, I think he realizes it’s a bot and he lets out a sustained groan that sounded like his pompous bravado was leaving him. At least, that’s what I like to think.

Thanks everyone for your support. Please pass the word that I’m trying to raise legal resources through Indiegogo. And please contact me when you get some good calls. I tend to listen to the longest calls first so if you get some good calls in the 3-5 minute range, I may not hear them. Message me through Facebook, or email me at roger at jollyrogertelephone dot com. I am also on Twitter at @JollyRogerTelCo but I am really bad at self-promotion so I could use your help generating buzz.

In the meantime – please enjoy this call!