I will be launching a subscription service shortly with at least six bots ready to take your calls.

However, I need help testing the new bots. I would like to get a sample call to each for my new web site (coming soon), so please send some calls over to these bots. Add them to your contacts, or just memorize the “one-number-to-rule-them-all” of 206-259-4999, which will pick a bot at random.

Remember in old movies where people ask the operator to dial a number? Think of the Jolly Roger Telephone number as

“Hello Operator? Get me Seattle. Yes, BLackbeard-9 4999”

BLackbeard-9 is the “name” for the 259 central office in Seattle (BL is 25 on the keypad). And 206 is the original Seattle area code assigned back in 1951. Now you have it memorized, so if you hear a friend, family member, or stranger hang up the phone and say “%#!&@ telemarketer”, you can tell them,

“Next time, conference in the Jolly Roger Telephone bot at 206-259-4999!”

Although it will be a subscription service, it will answer the phone several times for new callers to evaluate.

There are also individual numbers for each bot in case you like one in particular, so go ahead and give these a try:

Jolly Roger Telephone Bot Telephone Number
Any Random Bot 1-206-259-4999
Random Female Bot 1-206-259-4980
Random Male Bot 1-206-259-4990
Debbie Doldrums 1-206-259-4981
Jolly Jenny 1-206-259-4982
Salty Sally 1-206-259-4983
Jolly Roger (the original) 1-206-259-4991
Whiskey Jack 1-206-259-4992
Whitey Whitebeard 1-206-259-4993