KICKSTARTER! Please help me build enough bots to stop these scammers!

Hi all! In this call, I have a nice enough lady calling to help me perform some improvements on my home. At no cost to me! I’m told these scammers will help the homeowners apply for guaranteed loans against the house. The contractor gets the money, and who knows what happens with the loan. In California, you can just mention “solar” or “green energy” and someone will probably listen.

So this call is entertaining. The agent stumbles a bit, and eventually gets confused, but she thinks I’m confused, so she figures out how to ask to speak with my wife. Anyway, it’s all a good time.

But getting serious here, she is in a call center dialing hundreds of numbers per hour. I took her out of service for over five minutes. Her robodialer couldn’t make those calls while she was talking to me. Someone’s mother or grandmother is going to get one of these calls and get sucked into a bad situation. Help me fund my Kickstarter and let’s put a stop to these scams. I have a realistic plan to stop unsolicited telemarketing.

Thanks for listening everyone,