I just wanted to announce a new “Catch-of-the-Day” contest. As you can probably understand, there are way too many calls for me to review them all. So I have included a link in the post-call email (that my subscribers receive at the end of every call) to enter it into the “Catch-of-the-Day” contest. This tells me it was a good call and might be worthy of posting as a catch-of-the-day on the JollyRogerTelephone home page. It’s very easy – just click the link and that’s all there is to it. Subscribers will win a tee shirt and sticker kit if their call is selected!

More details at www.jollyrogertelephone.com/catch-of-the-day

And thank you again to everyone for the interest and support! Now that this is a subscription service, I could use your help socializing it. Please share, link, like, and tweet. I really appreciate it!