In the USA, we get a ton of “windows support” scammers calling all the time. Well, I’m sorry to say that this scam a global problem. Here is a call from the technical support department at Telstra, Australia’s largest telephone company and internet provider. They called someone in Australia, and that person added my bot via a local Australian telephone number.

So this call is interesting because it demonstrates how we are all really in this together. Telemarketing and scamming is a global problem and I really think Jolly Roger Telephone bots are the only solution. Blocking doesn’t work (they just change their number and/or get more aggressive with everyone else). We need AIs to simulate humans and keep them busy. The alternative is for the telecommunications network to die off. And that breaks my heart.

This call is entertaining because the first technician adds another technician, and then another, and before you know it, you have a bunch of guys just hurling profanity at this bot. And they get REALLY abusive. Six months ago, I would have never posted this to YouTube. But it’s almost tame compared to the stuff I’ve been getting lately. For the really bad stuff, check out my podcast. But try as they might, they cannot get the robot mad. But they keep trying. It reminds me of a really abusive call to Whitey Whitebeard a while ago. This bot, named Whiskey Jack, is designed to keep telemarketers engaged, and it’s smart enough to just kick back and let the scammers talk when they won’t shut up. These telemarketers kept talking so the bot just kept grunting along. Whiskey Jack is a pretty abrasive bot and usually doesn’t take this much abuse. I guess he knows the right tone because he did a great job keeping a bunch of guys busy. Someone help me count them. Four? Five? And does anyone care to translate some of their internal chatter?

Anyway, please enjoy this call and I hope to get back to a regular posting schedule. I have so many calls for you!

Thanks for listening!