This was too much to bleep, so be warned – there’s a lot of swearing.

This starts out as a typical “Card Services” scam. It was answered by “Whitey Whitebeard”, who is my telemarketing bot that sounds like a befuddled senior citizen. The agent tries to get some information out of him such as existing credit card information. Unfortunately, elderly people fall for these scams so this agent thinks this is going to go well for him. He’s got a gullible old man and he can probably manipulate him into giving up his credit card numbers. When you listen, notice how the call goes from “do you have a credit card with a balance of more than $3000?” to “I am calling about your credit card with the balance of more than $3000.”

At about five minutes in, another agent gets on the phone. And at about seven minutes in, the agent gets a little abusive. And at about eight minutes in, it starts getting brutal. These two agents sound like a couple teenagers gleefully swearing at this guy. It just gets more-and-more juvenile as the call goes on. They keep at it for a while. Fortunately, Whitey is completely unaffected so there’s no need to feel sorry for him. But if this were a senile old man, this would have been very sad.

This is not the first time these calls have gotten abusive. Sadly, it’s quite common when things go bad for the agents to get vulgar. They are completely untouchable – there’s nothing you can do about it. So let’s get more of these scammers transferred to my bots so we can keep them busy! Please subscribe to my service – only $6 for a year of unlimited calls into these bots.