As far as I know, this is the first time a scammer has threatened the life of a Jolly Roger robot. Of course, the fake IRS agent thinks he is talking to a woman. A mom actually. Pretty sick.

This illustrates how fearless and untouchable these scammers are. How can we protect our network from this kind of scum? In this call, the “IRS Agent” tries to bully and intimidate Salty Sally, a robot designed to waste his time. After making some sexual comments, he finally threatens to shoot her “at her place”. He even reads back her address just to prove that he knows where she lives.

This is so frustrating. There’s nothing anyone can do about this. He is most certainly off-shore.

So I am here to help! The Jolly Roger Telephone Company builds bots to take these calls for you. Subscribe at and I’ll talk to these bozos for you. It typically turns a frustrating call into entertainment. Depending upon your personality, this call is either terrifying or funny. But it is certainly different than that fake agent expected.

By the way, I have a new bot designed to talk to the IRS! If you get the “Fake IRS” on the phone, conference in 1-206-259-4978 and let’s see how it does.

Thanks all!