The FTC put a stop to a money transfer process between the US and India involving the “fake IRS”. The press release is here:

The interesting thing is it says “a settlement puts a stop to it” but there’s no mention of punishment, fines, or jail time. I think these scams and money trails are so complicated that the best the FTC can do is shut them down. But the perpetrators are not frightened so they (or others) will just keep on doing it.

Short of complicated international cooperation, law enforcement, regulations, and punishment, I think the best we can do is suck up their time with robots. For now, I need you subscribe and transfer these callers into my bots but the long-term solution is for me to call them back with bots and flood their call centers. I’ll need to set up a ‘rapid response’ procedure that will hit them hard as soon as the numbers are reported to me. I can hit them with so many calls that the potential victims will not be able to get through. It’s risky, and a little dangerous, but it’s going to take a pirate to fix this. The world governments cannot help you. I will do it. Please spread the word, sign up, and buy tee shirts.

Thanks for supporting this effort!