Reply To: Crashing on Samsung S8


Sorry for the delay in responding, bryon_humphrey. My phone runs a modified version of 8.1, but I found that the app would quit on me in a very short period of time if power optimization was turned on. It didn’t even seem that the phone needed to go to sleep for the app to get dropped.

Can you please try shutting off power optimization for this app? This approach seems to work quite well and this app doesn’t use enough juice to run your battery down much:

The instructions that follow work for Android 8.1 on some phones. Every phone manufacturer and service provider has the option to alter the look and feel of Android, so the actions to shut off power optimization will vary.

First, enter the settings menu on your phone, and look for Battery or Power. Touch this to continue.


When you are in this part of the menu system, touch the options/settings button on the upper right (the three dots shown here).


Choose Battery Optimization.


Once you are on the Battery optimization screen, use the menu at the top to select All apps. Some phones will have an option to show the optimized apps, which will also work.


Look for Jolly Roger. If it shows as “optimizing battery use,” you need to shut off optimization. Touch the app’s entry.


Tell it Don’t optimize, then touch DONE.