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    This is a good workaround for someone who does not wish to change their default phone app or having problems with the new version of Android.

    I am already using an app called Truecaller that automatically blocks anonymous and spam callers and sends it to the JR voice mail. So in your app I probably won’t be using the blocking feature since I already got apps for those.

    I also remember in your previous versions whenever a call comes there is an ongoing notification used for summoning a pirate , now the newer version does not have that. That was incredibly useful for me when I don’t want to change my default calling app. Because your calling app puts a button on the call screen for summoning a pirate. I noticed a new contact on my phone named “JR Random Bot” , so this might be related to it.

    Therefore you can add an option if we want to use our own call blocking apps. You can make it work seamlessly with other call blocking apps , and certain permissions will not be required. You will only show the ongoing notification if we decided to not change our calling app. I don’t know how the “JR Random Bot” contact works , so maybe you can remove that and integrate it with the ongoing notification.

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    Thanks for the suggestions and ideas, Matteo! We will check into that and consider releasing a separate “Summon a Pirate” app.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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