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    I’ve never been able to use your VM with Google Fi since the VM number cannot be changed. Will this keep me from using Defender?


    Hey rsegal47,

    I just trashed my previous response after talking with “Jolly” Roger Anderson tonight. Google Fi users don’t need the Defender app at all, because it acts like a landline. Here’s how to make it all work:

    -First, use Jolly Roger’s simultaneous ring features by using the “Linked to Jolly Roger Phone:” number on your “My Numbers” page as one of your Google Fi numbers that all ring for incoming calls. If you wait for the second ring on incoming calls, Jolly Roger will likely pick up your spam calls automatically before it rings a second time.

    -Second, if you are in a call and realize that you’ve picked up a spam caller, simply press “*” and it will ring through to all of your Google Fi numbers, again, including Jolly Roger. Jolly Roger will see the call coming from your phone and will pick up right away, even if it’s not blacklisted or doesn’t have a high reputation score.

    Please let us know if this works for you. Again, you don’t need to load the app at all for this to work.

    Mark W. Marasch
    Ethical Developer Group

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