Sometimes I post informative, educational, and enlightening audio of telemarketers talking to my bots. But sometimes these calls are just funny. This is one of those.

This guy identifies himself from a “financial services” company. When I Google it, it’s a collection company with a whole lot of complaints about it (BBB, Ripoff Report, etc.)

I believe genuine collection calls state that (1) this call is to attempt to collect a debt and (2) the call is recorded. This guy didn’t say either one, so I am going to assume he’s a scammer. This call was transferred to me from a listener – probably named Richard. And the funny thing is the call was processed by a female bot – Debbie Doldrums in this case. No matter. She simply convinces him that her name is Richard.

Now, I’m not a particularly funny guy. And Debbie Doldrums isn’t a particularly funny bot. But I learned from Tom Mabe that “comedy” is when things get uncomfortable. And this call gets quite uncomfortable. For the scammer. Debbie does just fine.

Jolly Roger Telephone bots help you get back at your personal scammers and unsolicited telemarketers. If you like what I’m doing, be sure to check out my Indiegogo for a legal defense fund. Just as an example, this guy’s company has deep pockets and will not be happy to discover what I’m doing. Please help with anticipated legal fees.

Please enjoy this latest audio…