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Now to discuss this call, those of you who own small businesses anywhere in the USA probably get these calls. It’s a “Google Specialist” who wants to help you get listed in Google Maps. For this privilege, they will charge the business several hundred dollars per month. I’m not sure about this particular call, but they often start with a pre-recorded announcement (which is illegal) and spoof their caller-id (which is illegal) and call mobile phones (which is illegal). This agent may not realize he’s working for a shady telemarketer – he might think it’s just a great job for him to use his Internet skills.

But this specialist has met his match. Whitey Whitebeard was engineered to waste this guy’s time and he does it well. It’s pure entertainment – we don’t learn much about this scammer’s operation. But I enjoyed it and wanted to pass it along to you.

Those of you new to my site or channel – do you get telemarketer calls? Almost everyone does. And you’ve noticed that there’s no way to get them to stop. The way to hit them back is to automate the role of the victim. Let my bots carry on the conversation. If you’re not a subscriber to my service, please check out my home page where you can sign up. Only $6 per year gets you unlimited calls into these bots. At the end of each call, you’ll get an email of the recording. Use them to handle all of your personal telemarketers. Once you get one, they’ll never stop.

Small business owners have to answer the phone if they want to stay in business. So listen to this call and imagine the satisfaction that the owner of this towing company felt while “his” scammer talked to a bot for eight minutes. Keep in mind that this was probably the hundredth time this “Local Google Specialist” has called him.