In the business world, we call telemarketers “Cold Callers”. They’re almost the same thing, but they’re typically a higher class of person.

If you own or run a business, you probably have friendly people covering your phones. Receptionists and Administrative Assistants are typically friendly people, right? So what happens with cold callers? Your employees probably try to get them off the phone as quickly as possible, but because you have hired friendly people, the cold caller might be hard to shake. Or they get transferred to someone else and the cycle repeats. Please ask around and find out if your employees spend much time dealing with cold callers. Often the cold caller doesn’t even know what business they’re calling (“can I talk to the person in charge of ordering office supplies?”). Some are aggressive. Most are sneaky (“yes, I’m returning Jim’s call”). And they all will call back if brushed off or given the runaround.

I have a line of bots designed to help with this. They’re called “Biz-Bots” and here is a demonstration recording of how they work. They engage with the cold-caller and wear them down. Just like my residential line of telemarketer bots, but this is a professional office worker and receptionist. Pleasant, patient, and willing to talk as long as the caller wants.

As you’ll hear, some cold callers are pleasant people. I have no personal animosity against the people doing this. But in my job as a consultant, I often take care of the telephone system and support the users. I get requests all the time to “block” particular numbers, but this isn’t always easy in a phone system and it’s difficult to manage (i.e. when do you ‘unblock’ the number? Never?) That’s why I’m excited to offer these biz-bots. They free up the employee’s time so they can be productive running your business rather than wasting time on the phone with cold calls.

This call is particularly entertaining because the caller realizes it’s a bot (well, she thinks it’s just a recording, which is not quite the same thing). This is more than most callers realize. Most callers do not figure out it’s a recording and just hang up in frustration. But this caller does and, unfortunately, she takes some static from her supervisor. But she won’t be calling this business again.

These biz-bots work slightly differently than my other bots. Biz-bots take calls from any number, so you can use them from any phone in your enterprise. For only $39, you can transfer 1000 calls to the bots (but calls less than 20 seconds do not count). At the end of the call, you get an email with the recording. So the bots work well for fraudulent and harassing calls as well because you don’t have to spend any time trying to figure out why they’re calling. The bots do it for you.

If you run a business, you need a Biz-Bot. If you answer the main phone or cover any published number (like Investor Relations or any CxO position), then you should share this call with your boss and tell them you need a Biz-Bot to help your company handle the endless cold callers.

Please enjoy, and if nothing else, be sure to listen to the last three minutes!