Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce that I have started a podcast! This is a terrifying experience for an introvert, but I wanted to tell the story of how I created these robots. Also, I have a ton of really nasty, vulgar, and raunchy calls from telemarketer scammers. I wanted a way to provide some context for the calls and be able to say a few words about them.

Obviously, these calls are perfect for audio podcasts since they’re just telephone calls, right?. If you have a boring commute and want to hear a bit more about Jolly Roger Telephone, then here you go. I am using Soundcloud for hosting. I have submitted the feed to iTunes but it might be a few days. If there are any podcasters out there willing to help me through this process, I would sure appreciate your advice!

Here is episode 1 of my podcast below, played through Soundcloud.