I am going to appear on television(!) soon and I will have more eyes on my Kickstarter intro video. Those in the know tell me that I should have an animation of one of my telemarketer robot calls. Are there any artists out there willing to animate one of these? Naturally I will sing your praises all over YouTube, Facebook, Kickstarter, and JollyRogerTelephone.com; and free JollyRogerTelephone service for the life of the product!

As you all know, I’m a telephone guy. I’m a decent programmer but typically in the context of telephony. This is probably obvious when you read my Kickstarter and watch my videos – I’m not much for animation, graphics, or flashy presentations. But if you want your telephone to work, I’m your guy!

I have a high-profile TV appearance on February 20th, so I really need to get this animation posted before then.

Please email me at roger -at- jollyrogertelephone.com or message me through my Facebook page.

Thanks all!