Here is the maiden voyage of this “Windows User in Distress” bot. I have discovered it is more entertaining to “trickle” the calls into the fake Windows support centers so the agents engage for a long time with the bots. The plan is for me to hit these call centers HARD with thousands of calls. They will have no choice but to shut down the number. The telecommunications industry has a term for this – TDOS or “telephony denial of service”. It’s usually used by bad guys. Naturally it sounds illegal. But is it? Stay tuned.

Anyway, this is a great call from my bot (she needs a name) to “Windows Support”. You learn a little about this particular scammer’s call center. The agent is pretty good. She sounds very professional and convincing. You can understand how the elderly and new users might be convinced as well.

Anyway, it is very satisfying to hear the bot keep her busy. I’m working on more of these and I’ll tune the algorithm as necessary. But this was a great shakedown voyage.

Please enjoy!