Hello all! I have posted some of these “Durable Medical Equipment” scam calls before. As I captioned this call, I researched DME fraud a little more. It’s tough because, unlike most scams, it does not rip off the called party. They just use you and your pain to bill a third party. They may or may not send you the equipment. But it’s “free stuff for you” so it sounds enticing.

Anyway, this is a bot named “William Kidd” who handles this call. Notice how William Kidd does an EXCELLENT job enticing the telemarketer at the beginning, which makes it hard for her to release the call. It goes on for ten minutes and it is very satisfying to hear how confused she gets at the end. Keep in mind that this woman might be a very nice person and completely unaware that her employer is running an elaborate DME scam.

As you know, our mission at The Jolly Roger Telephone Company is to protect you and the telecommunications network from telemarketing scams. But we are proud of the social benefit as we protect the elderly, and in this example, Uncle Sam as well. Thank you everyone for helping to spread the word. Remember that when you use Jolly Roger Telephone bots, you are helping everyone else “downstream” from you since the telemarketer will not have time to call the next person.

Thank you for listening!