I’m happy to say that the Jolly Roger Telephone Service is now available in England!!! I have some numbers in London with several bots ready to take your calls. You can evaluate these bots at the numbers below.

You can purchase a “Deep Six” or “Cannon Shot” subscription at my store. At the moment, the store says subscriptions are US only, but I’ll edit that soon. Feel free to sign up in the UK. I will set up your account personally so it might take a few hours if it’s the middle of the night (I’m in California). Thank you everyone! I’m so excited to take UK telemarketer calls too!

Telephone Number Bot
020 3813 1738 Random Female
020 3813 1739 Random Male
020 3813 1730 Classic Jolly Roger (male)
020 3813 1731 Whiskey Jack (male)
020 3813 1732 Whitey Whitebeard (male)
020 3813 1733 Moby Dick (male)
020 3813 1734 Tommy (male)
020 3813 1735 Salty Sally (female)
020 3813 1736 Debbie Doldrums (female)
020 3813 1737 Jolly Jenny (female)