My Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow! I have backed several projects in the past and often heard that “you should not expect to get any rest during the campaign.” Well, that has certainly been true for my family and a couple close friends of mine. I could not ask for more publicity, attention, or support. I thank all of you for that.

I had an old boss and friend at an Internet Service Provider who was working on a project to run fiber optic cable in a large city. He told me that there were people in that city who considered it their duty to stop his project. They would sabotage it, create alliances against it, vote nay in committees and council meetings, and do whatever they could do to prevent it from succeeding. All for no apparent reason. Well, I’m finding the “I thought of this ten years ago” people. And the “you cannot do this” people, and the “why are you so mean” people, and there seem to be people who just don’t want me to succeed.

If you don’t like or understand The Jolly Roger Telephone Company bot, then it’s simply not for you. That was the best advice I’ve read from Seth Godin. And he has dispensed a lot of good advice. I cannot expect unanimous support, but I’ve been ripped rather quickly from my protective-introvert-shell and I am working on developing the shields to protect myself from this criticism. To my supporters, thank you.

So the Kickstarter is not looking good. I must be realistic and assume this is not going to get funded. Please be patient because it may take me a while to pay the infrastructure costs, incorporation fees, insurance, and legal services in order to set up an inexpensive subscription service. I do have a lot of plans to disrupt unsolicited telemarketing. And to be funny, entertaining, and effective at the same time.

When this Kickstarter ends, I do not believe I will be able to send notes to my backers. Kickstarter does not share those email addresses with me until the campaign is funded. It is an amazing tool and has certain reasonable restrictions that protect backers. Since all this is new to me, I assume I will not get your email addresses.

So to the 600 backers, I truly thank you and I ask you to email me at roger -at-, follow me on Facebook at, watch my web site at, or follow @JollyRogerTelCo on Twitter. I will post updates as I provide more bots, more numbers, more languages, more countries, and more options. I am especially interested in collecting your telemarketer scams in all their various flavors!

What an amazing journey February 2016 has been. Thank you!