Here is another call from a construction company offering free estimates. This guy sounds a little pitiful and it would be easy to feel sorry for him. As you listen to this, please remember that he is calling from an autodialer, and he is calling from a fake caller-id. That’s not your typical struggling independent contractor. There are tons of these scams where people want to come out and give you a “free estimate” for home repair work. I’ve never dared to accept such an offer. Would you?

In this call, the caller hears the entire repertoire of clips from my robot TWICE and even then he just figures I’m messing with him (well, that’s true anyway) and hangs up. I think I have a lot of calls from this same company but they change their number all the time. They call from a “local” areacode and the next digit is a 1, which is impossible in North America.

Well, I’m glad I was able to keep him on the phone for as long as I did. At least it took him out of service for almost eight minutes and maybe he didn’t have time to call you. You’re welcome.