This is an interesting call from “professional voice talent”. This was my first experience with tiered agents. The first agent is probably calling from a noisy environment maybe overseas with a really thick accent. They use these little sound clips controlled via some kind of soundboard which gives them control to start and stop various clips. It’s probably not easy. After they determine I am a qualified lead ready for the sales team, they bring in an agent who joins, then unmutes himself and takes over.

At the time of this call, the robot only had a small number of “inane” things to say. When I recorded it, I never expected telemarketers to really get to the end. So when it ran out, it went into the “endgame” routine and just politely said goodbye and hang up.I have since (1) added a “banter” routine (currently the bee) and (2) had the robot restart so calls handed off to agents might not notice the repetition.

Please enjoy this, then be sure to check out the brief “Part 2” from this same company