I have lots of great new calls to a variety of bots new and old. I’m trying to mix them up rather than post endless “Windows support” calls (although they are quite funny).

This one came in recently to the “classic” Jolly Roger bot from a listener. I don’t understand what this guy is trying to accomplish by telling me I won a bunch of stuff. Is he trying to lure me to a certain spot at a certain time? Is he just trying to get email and other personal information? Strangely, it sounds like he’s trying to teach his son the family business, including what to do when you get mad at “the mark”. But it’s not like he has a pencil and clipboard in his hand, right? So I really don’t know the point.

But it doesn’t really matter! The bot trapped him for almost four minutes while the rest of us were productive members of society. Let’s hope he connects to more bots. Or better yet, let’s hope he gives up.

Thanks for listening! And keep the calls coming in to the “Deep Six Crew” (the set of six bots currently taking calls). Thank you all for your support and kind words! And for demonstrating the bots to your friends over the phone. Those of you new to this site or YouTube channel may not realize I’m just a humble phone guy who built this bot as a hobby to protect my home phone line. But now I can see a real possibility of making a dent in unsolicited telemarketing by deploying these bots to protect your phones too. Please enjoy this call and the others on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3OxCWLEmoIhNMm-hnvBm9Q

Thanks for listening!