This is the first time I am posting a call from this bot. It’s a very specific bot designed to talk to “Nigerian Princes.” Of course, these are the guys in Africa who email everyone with stories about some huge amount of money in the bank and they need your help transferring it out. Every email spam blocker in the world should block the emails, but somehow these scams are still getting through.

Anyway, I have learned that there is a community of “baiters” who engage with these guys. Working with one of these baiters, I constructed this bot for this particular purpose. The baiter emails something like “okay I transferred the money but don’t want to give it over email. Call me and I’ll give it to you over the phone” and he gives the number to this bot.

It’s a pretty specific purpose and it doesn’t really help any of you, but it can be very entertaining. The calls are so long, and typically do not have any identifying information so I am thinking of just automatically uploading these calls. It’s very odd to think that only a couple people in the world are listening to these calls. And there are a lot of them.

If I were to rate my bots based upon connection time, then this bot is my most successful. As you listen, you can hear why. Anyway, please enjoy! If your not familiar with the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, please check out my web page, YouTube channel, and Facebook page. If you’re not a subscriber, please sign up so you can use my bots to talk to your telemarketers!