To any of you new to this site, I build bots to talk to telemarketers. However, this call is not a telemarketer. He’s a “Nigerian prince” scammer, who is arguably worse than a telemarketer. Rather than sell you solar panels, he wants to scam you out of your life savings.

This bot is designed specifically for these “419” or “Advanced Fee” scams. It’s pretty specific and I don’t expect any of you have really spoken with one of these guys. But as you listen, you’ll find they can be quite entertaining just as background noise. In fact, I didn’t really caption this so don’t even bother to try to read along. Just listen in the background and imagine all these scammers calling bots. I have a ton of these calls. I work with a “baiter” in the UK who convinces these scammers to call him – and he sends them to these bots.

This guy gets a little impatient but keeps going all the way through the end of his prepaid phone card. Money well spent, don’t you think? Then he’ll email the baiter, and the baiter will convince him to call again. Wash, rinse, repeat. The baiter is really doing all the work here.

Sorry for the long delay between postings – I was on vacation with the family but I’m back now and will soon be recording new bots with some new people. As always, please spread the word about this service. Anyone who hates telemarketing should sign up for the Jolly Roger Telephone Service at You get unlimited access to the standard bots and if you use the “recording” number, you get an email with audio of the interaction when the call is over.

So please listen to this latest call and spread the word! Thank you!