I had several request to upload more Nigerian Prince scammers. As I said in my previous post, there is an ingenious person out there responding to these scammers and telling them to “call me for the Moneygram reference number”, and then either giving them the bot’s number, or passing the call through in some way that preserves the caller-id. That is how I was able to tell that there were two calls from this same guy.

Anyway, this guy hits a bot named Whitey Whitebeard. This is a great bot that has a lot more material than you hear in this recording. The Nigerian Prince eventually scolds the bot for “insulting” him, but my bots are very polite! They are agreeable and patient and Whitey did not insult this caller. Anyway, this scammer hung up in frustration, then called back a few minutes later. This time he pretended to be with the Moneygram office. But he was getting the same stuff from Whitey. He either recognized it was a recording, or he figured the old man wasn’t going to listen the second time.

Anyway, these “Nigerian Prince” scams are interesting but not quite as funny as the typical telemarketing call. I have some great calls to post next. I may create a bot designed for the Nigerian Prince scams; I’m pretty sure I can keep these guys going longer.

So please don’t get mad when a telemarketer calls you! You can hang up, but they’ll just call back later. Next time you get one, add in one of my Jolly Roger bots to take over the conversation.

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