Hello everyone! I’m hard at work with a TEDx talk presentation and a game to go with it, so I apologize for not posting more often. I have so many great calls!

This call was interesting and entertaining. This is your typical “medical alert” telemarketer who wants to sell old people a medical alert system. Now, these systems are pretty cool. I have no problem with the product. And the agent is cool too. I just assume that none of us want these calls every day. And there’s no way to stop them. It’s almost as if they’ll just keep calling you until you need one. Every day for 40 years. Need one yet?

Unfortunately, Jolly Jenny has a bug during this call, and she didn’t load her complete repertoire. As a result, the clips started repeating way too early and the agent caught on.

Fortunately, the agent just assumed that Jolly Jenny was actually a human clicking on a soundboard. He also correctly assumed that there’s a YouTube channel associated with the technology.

He failed to consider that he was just talking to an Artificial Intelligence designed to waste his time, so he kept going. Trying to talk to the person behind the bot. Of course, there’s nobody behind the bot. He gave up at six minutes. So even though the bot was buggy and the agent knew there was something wrong, this was still a “successful” call. See how low the bar is? The goal is to waste telemarketer time without wasting your time. It doesn’t really matter how.

And the agent had some laughs, so it was a win all the way around. Anyway, please enjoy and thanks for listening!