This is a very fun podcast. It is a series of seven calls that came to the same subscriber over about an hour’s time. It’s an offshore medical supply company – I think of them as scammers but it might be quasi-legal. They are trying to get a medicare or supplemental insurance number out of the bots. It ends up being about 42 minutes of their time wasted by Jolly Roger bots. The best part is the original “victim” of these scammers (i.e. my subscriber) is using the Simultaneous Ring feature that allows Jolly Roger to automatically answer these calls. My subscriber did not answer the phone – they may not have even noticed the calls (other than the very entertaining emails that came through at the end of each call). Jolly Roger picked up and WORE THEM DOWN. Bring it on!

There’s a little bit of commentary between calls, but it’s mostly this same company speaking to different robots. Very entertaining, especially if you get calls like this.

If you have elderly parents, I highly recommend this service. It is scary how much they already knew about “me”, and they are very persistent.

If you have a landline, there’s no reason to suffer through telemarketing anymore. Subscribe to Jolly Roger Telephone and get protected from these scammers!

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