First, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I toasted you all at the Thanksgiving table last night. I am truly thankful for all of you.

In this latest call, we have a telemarketer trying to sell an extended warranty to someone. The magic here is that the call went to a Jolly Roger robot automatically via the Landlubbber service (where calls ring to you and me at the same time and I answer if it’s a known telemarketer). My subscriber’s phone rang for only a second or two, and about eight minutes later, they got this recording. It’s a very empowering moment when this happens – you are free of telemarketing, and you can decide whether to call back and purchase this warranty.

This is a new robot named Barbarossa! He’s been in the rotation for a while, but this is the first time I’m posting a call from him. He has a great repertoire that engages the telemarketer in funny ways. At the time I post this, I have NINE robots for you at the ‘random bot’ number of 206-259-4999. Of course, you can select specific bots by dialing their number directly.

So if you are using the Landlubber service, your phone is automatically protected from these telemarketers. So when they say “we’ll just call you back tomorrow”, your attitude can be “heck yes, call back tomorrow”.

By the way, if you yell at them and say “take me off your list”, you know they’ll just call back anyway. Maybe not tomorrow, but it won’t be long. Send them to Jolly Roger and I’ll be happy to chat with them every time!

And thanks for listening!