Happy New Year everyone! Last year we created some “seasonal” bots for Christmas and the New Year. During the 2018 season, we turned on Santa Claus again to help answer the question “what would happen it a telemarketer accidentally called Santa Claus during the Christmas season”?

Well, we got a lot of calls, but I wanted to share this one. As with many of these scams, I’m concerned that this scam might work on some people. It breaks my heart if so. And I have a lot of work to do in order to get the potential victims of this scam protected by Jolly Roger Telephone. You, as a reader, listener, and hopefully subscriber of the Jolly Roger Telephone service are not likely to fall for this scam. But there are plenty of telephone users out there who might be. Please help spread the word and let’s try to get everyone protected from telemarketing scammers. Jolly Roger Telephone is the most effective way to do it because it wasted 15 minutes of this guy’s day. If we had simply blocked the call, he would have had that much more time to scam someone.

I am also interested in this call because the scam seems overly complicated. It involves a car, a pile of money, the IRS, a tax specialist, three forms of ID, some kind of confirmation code, and, of course, Walmart. I definitely don’t want to help the scammers, but that seems like a lot to throw at a potential victim. Maybe they want it to be complicated. Now, the Santa Claus bot did not seem very exited about any of this, but he was agreeable and friendly, so I would have expected the scammer to get excited at the prospect of a successful scam, but that didn’t happen either.

And lastly, I found this scammer’s manner of speech very interesting. I added some captions during the video but you’ll pick it up even if you just listen. He has a funny way of adding so many extra words to a sentence. If anyone suspects where this guy learned English, please add it to the comments.

Thanks for listening!