WARNING – this call is really nasty. For those of you familiar with Jolly Roger Telephone, you’ll probably find it very entertaining. But if this is new to you, you might want to check out my other calls first.

This is another “Rachel with Cardholder Services” call – you’ve probably heard her a million times and you typically hang up. But there are a lot of people who still fall for this scam and no matter how many time the FTC announces some kind of bust, breakup, lawsuit, or settlement, Rachel just keeps on calling. Unfortunately, there’s nothing the regulators can do to stop this. We need a pirate.

In this call, a Jolly Roger bot named “Debbie Doldrums” has intercepted the call. We hear the familiar “Rachel” greeting, which Debbie recognizes and she punches through to an agent. The agent spends a couple minutes trying to get some credit card info, but then gives up and engages in some really nasty banter with Debbie. Naturally, he thinks Debbie Doldrums is a real live American female and he decides to get raunchy with her.

Depending upon your point of view, this is either funny or horrifying. Either way, you hopefully see the potential in the way I am protecting consumers from unsolicited telemarketing. We cannot stop the bad guys from making these calls. But we can set up automation at the individual consumer side to intercept them. You can block telemarketers or just hang up, but that just moves the scammers downstream to someone else. If you engage the callers with a bot, it ties up their agents and they cannot scam the next person. So please help me spread the word! Subscribe to the Jolly Roger Telephone service – the typical subscription is the “Deep Six” for a year’s worth of service.

Anyway – thank you everyone who are following me on this incredible journey. I’m just a quiet and introverted telephone guy trying to protect the network (and all of you) from telemarketing. I could not be doing this without your support!

Thanks for listening, Roger