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I wasn’t sure if I should post this call. This really demonstrates the kind of people who are calling and scamming people. I guess it was the end of the day for him and he wanted to have some fun. Maybe he thought my clueless little robot sounded like someone who deserved this kind of banter.

When you listen to this call, please think about all the people he has called this day. His call center is using an autodialer and you can hear other agents in the background. I think his supervisor is monitoring the call at one point and does nothing to control this guy.

So I kept him busy for about five minutes, which saved his autodialer from attempting hundreds of calls during this interval. Not to mention he was out of service for five minutes and couldn’t talk like this to anyone else.

And there’s no way to find out who this is. He is so blatantly abusive because he knows there are no consequences for his behavior.

This started as a hobby and a way to protect my own phone. But with all of your help, I can deploy these bots to take telemarketer calls and break their autodialers. If we can get my bots answering these calls, their autodialers will only connect to a few hundred numbers per day and many of those will be bots that are unable to provide personal information. Together we can disrupt this practice! And save the landline!

Thanks for listening.