We all hate unsolicited telemarketing, right? I happen to program telephone systems for a living, and I decided to build a robot to talk to telemarketers. You should use these bots too! Conference your next telemarketer with 206-259-4999. And then sign up for the service!

This is a call to a bot named “Jolly Jenny”

In this call, Jolly Jenny manages to get the telemarketer stuck in an endless loop at the first question “what is your name?” It’s obvious that the telemarketer’s training (programming) did not take this scenario into account. We have a distracted Jenny who is not mad or confrontational. Jenny doesn’t refuse to give her name, but she doesn’t give her name either. There’s nothing in this agent’s training to deal with this, so the agent spends thirteen minutes trying to get a name. She uses various techniques but does not deviate from her training. It’s an interesting and educational call and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for listening!