I am so flattered to have been invited to speak at the ASCII Success Summit in Anaheim, CA today! This is a thrill because this Jolly Roger Telephone service is SO GOOFY that it’s great to see it starting to become a mainstream and completely valid solution to telecommunications fraud.

Speaking of goofy, I also learned that I would get a table all day! So my wife, partner, and I put this together:

So there are a couple rotary phones, and the treasure chest contains a Raspberry Pi and analog adapter. When you lift the handset of the rotary phone, you hear a random Jolly Roger recording. I even have some rotary-to-dtmf converters in the phones so when you dial the keypad, it starts a new recording.

Those are chocolate coins. And that’s a little “bilge box” for trash.

I asked my wife to help me make a little one-pager to encourage people to lift the handset to listen to recordings, and also to attend my speech today. So she did. And then she

  • Crumpled it
  • Coffee-stained it
  • Baked it
  • Burned it

And now it looks like this:

She even made a little “Ship’s Manifest” for the sign-up sheet in case anyone wanted to be added to my mailing list.

I am not typically this creative. My wife is amazing. I often joke with her that “Courier New is good enough” when we need to make a brochure. She will usually take it from there, and she sure did this time.

My speech is the last one today, which is kind of cool. Unfortunately, it will not be recorded. But it’s very similar to my TEDx talk in Naperville last November.

Thanks as always, everyone! I owe all of you for the popularity of this service. Please help me spread the word so we can keep sucking up telemarketer time!