I think I have the pieces in place, but need to do some testing. I’ll make some test calls tomorrow (Monday) and you can all listen to the calls as they happen. If all goes well, then I’ll be able to take several out of service on Tuesday while you listen along.
Thank you everyone for your support on this. I think it will be a good show. We’re going to need to all pitch in to listen to the hundreds (thousands?) of calls as we pound a Windows Support scam call center into the ground. You’ll need to report the best ones.
In the meantime, please email me screenshots of the warning popups at roger@jollyrogertelephone.com. I will be very careful with this. Do not send me legit numbers – I will test them ahead of time. Just send me the scammers.
If there are any ethical hackers out there, we need to find the source of these numbers. I assume the popups are generated dynamically and the phone number is pulled from some server somewhere. Perhaps the source javascript will tell us the source URL. If we can get that, then I can keep up the broadside attack even if they cycle the telephone number. Make sense?
Anyway, it should be a fun week. I am scheduled to appear on This Week in Tech (TWiT.tv) with Leo Laporte this Saturday at 3:00 PM Pacific Time and I’m looking forward to telling him about it.
Thanks all!