For my new readers, I build bots to talk to telemarketers. People transfer their telemarketers to these bots. You should too! Here is another example.

Have you noticed that some telemarketers just call over-and-over? Even when you tell them you’re not interested? These auto warranty companies do that. And they’re SO ANNOYING that the real agents hide behind the lead-generator agents. The lead generators, using a pretty sophisticated telephony integration, figure out who might be interested in purchasing an auto warranty. Actually, there are three tiers here:

  • Tier 1 is the auto-dialer that the telemarketers use to find a “real person” on the telephone. My bot fools that level, or you (my subscriber) answer the phone because these calls are so much fun now.
  • Tier 2 is the lead-generator agent. These are low-paid agents, often offshore, who talk to people and try to find someone interested in a warranty.
  • Tier 3 is the actual agent selling you an auto warranty. These agents are used to dealing with friendly people who have passed through Tier 2.
  • There may be more Tiers – perhaps a verification agent who goes through all the legal mumbo-jumbo before charging your card.

Anyway, Salty Sally does a pretty good job getting through Tier 2 and speaking with “Mr. Big.” In the process, you hear a whole lot of drama. If you are plagued by these telemarketers, this is a very satisfying call.

So please check out my web site, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. Please consider subscribing to my service at so you can send YOUR telemarketers to these bots!