These air conditioning contractors have been featured here before. They’re turning into my “case study” for this service. They are on to me, and they really should stop calling; but the agents are powerless to remove my number and the boss hasn’t gone through the trouble of associating my number with this bot and the getting it out of the auto-dialer. So this is actually quite funny that I’m like a virus in their call center.

What’s funny is the first agent proudly exclaims “we got the bee guy again!” and then a second agent comes on the line to screw with me a little bit. But his tactic is flawed, as you’ll hear in this call.

Anyway, thanks everyone for the encouragement and support. I will have an exciting announcement shortly – I know I’ve said that before but I really will. Like most of us, I’m juggling a day job as I try to shut down this horrible practice.

In the meantime, please enjoy this call. It’s a new bot – Whiskey Jack. He is my favorite so far, but he didn’t get through his full repertoire so stay tuned for more calls from him. He’s funny.