Hello all! This is a female credit card scammer who ends up chatting with a female robot. It’s not long, so there’s no reason for you not to listen right now!

Many of my calls are instructive, informative, illustrative, etc. This call is all of those, but it is also very entertaining. It does illustrate just how untouchable these agents are. They know that they’ll NEVER get caught. There’s no oversight from supervisors (heck, this abuse might even be encouraged in their call centers) and in moments of boredom or frustration, you might get this kind of abuse from a telemarketer. That might be funny for you, but unfortunately your kids or parents get these calls too.

Also, this call is so short that I would have missed it in the deluge of calls to my bots. Fortunately, my subscriber reported this through the “catch of the day” link that came through on email. This brings it to my attention. If you subscribe to the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, you’ll be able to send all of your telemarketers to my bots and get an email of the recording when it is over. The email contains links to report the call as a violation of the Telephone Consumer’s Protection Act, or simply as entertaining and suitable for posting to this page.

So thanks for listening. I often caption the audio. But in this call, the same caption goes through to the end so don’t even bother watching. Just listen.

Thanks for listening!