In this call, our telemarketer is trying to sell me some kind of energy upgrades. These calls are common describing energy programs funded by various cities, counties, states, and even the Federal Government supposedly wants to give you money to remodel your home. Anyway, this guy chats for a while, gets suspicious, then gets sucked back into the conversation. Twice. By the time it’s over, he still thinks he’s talking to a real person. Later versions of this robot will restart, but when I got this call I never suspected anyone would get all the way through the repertoire. Nice job Bot!

These calls were initially meant to be entertaining, funny, and make me feel better for wasting telemarketer time. But I have been overwhelmed by the support on the Internet and I really think we can all work together to break the business model of unsolicited telemarketing. Please back my Kickstarter and let’s stop these scammers!