I want to say thank you to my subscribers in the UK! This one is fun because you’ll hear a lot of UK-specific companies mentioned in this call.

This is a call from a company conducting a survey. But buried in the call is a disclaimer that any of the companies mentioned in the survey may contact you. So I call this a super-telemarketer because they are innocently conducting a survey that will completely open the floodgates for more telemarketing to you.

The other interesting thing is this telemarketer knows a lot about us. Nothing unusual I suppose, but when the telemarketer says my name, telephone number, and address right at the beginning of the call, it always makes me feel a little violated, you know? Why be so “in your face” about how much they know about you? It doesn’t affect the survey results, you know? Is it a cultural thing? Do people in the UK expect this level of intrusion? Was it an offshore team who put this survey together? And perhaps they don’t think it’s unusual to rattle off a bunch of private information at the beginning of the call?

I have a feeling that this survey is all about one particular question about Payment Protection Insurance, but I’m too far from that scam to know much about it. Any of you in the UK, please fill me in!

But no matter where you are in the world, this call will make you feel good. The supervisor ends up getting on the phone to have a go with Whitey, and they end up getting a little frustrated. Not enough to get abusive, but you can hear it and it is very satisfying.

Please enjoy and thanks for listening!