THANK YOU to all the subscribers to my service. My bots are really enjoying the privilege of speaking with all your telemarketers. If you’re not a subscriber yet, please sign up. Only $6/year lets you add my bots to your telemarketer calls. At the end, you’ll get an email of the recording.

In this latest audio, you’ll hear three calls from a highly reputable and well-funded business loan company. They use a two-tier system, where one agent “qualifies” you, then a loan officer takes over. I don’t know if the first tier gets paid commission, or a flat rate. And I don’t know if they get paid only if there’s a sale or not. Based upon the first tier’s repeated attempts, I think they get paid only when a loan takes place.

Anyway, this is a fascinating clip (to me anyway) and I’ve tried to give you play-by-play captions within the video. Through the course of these three calls, which occurred within a 20-minute period, my bot ends up speaking with eight people! Three people at the first tier (including the supervisor) and FIVE loan officers. The bot did an excellent job and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

These business loan companies are incredibly persistent. If you are a business owner and have the misfortune of being on the call lists, then you know they will never stop calling.

So on a personal note, I really appreciate all of your support and comments. I can really use your help “socializing” this service. At this point, I rely completely on word-of-mouth. The subscription cost of $6/year is meant to be so low that there’s no reason NOT to subscribe. I want to cause as much pain to the unsolicited telemarketing industry as possible. To do this, we need more people using this service. Please help me spread the word.

Thank you! And I hope you enjoy this latest call!