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Have you ever donated money over the phone? Maybe it’s a charity you really want to support, or maybe the telemarketer told you some heart-wrenching story and you couldn’t help but donate. Good for you. But then they call back. Sometimes really soon. And you say “no, I just gave”, then “no, not right now”, then “no stop calling me”, then “put me on your do-not-call list!” but they just keep calling. Their machines do it – and the telemarketers don’t care. Even if it exists, do you think they click the “remove this person” button when the call is over? Nope. And unfortunately for you, non-profits are exempt from the do-not-call regulation! There are some exceptions, but they don’t care.

I have nothing against the charity or the telemarketer. But I do NOT think it’s okay to call people over-and-over-and-over to get more money. And if you do actually donate, you’ll likely get a follow-up call since you’re known to be generous.

So this call is one of those typical charities. I don’t know who wrote her script though – she uses some odd phrases in this call. And she says the same odd things several times so it’s obvious someone wrote it in her script. It also demonstrates just how brainwashed these telemarketers are. Her job is to get through a script. It’s kind of funny to hear her try to get through the script with all the craziness with Salty Sally.

I have to be careful with my comments. I am not a mean person, but this business practice really offends me and I’m more than happy to provide bots so suck up as much time as possible. Hopefully you agree.

Please enjoy this call! And please sign up so you can send your telemarketers to these bots!