This is a really annoying telemarketer trying to give our robot a quote for medical insurance. If you ever fill out a form online requesting insurance, you should probably know that you’ll get follow-up calls for the rest of the life of that phone number. In fact, if you cancel the number and someone else gets it, then THEY will get follow-up calls forever. At some point, the manager will notice all the bots on the phone and may eventually remove the number. But I doubt it.

This is one more example that, regardless how you feel about the telemarketer, we need to hit these companies where it hurts. This telemarketer tries really hard to build rapport with Whiskey Jack. This bot is kind of abrasive, and the telemarketer tries to match his tone. He does a pretty good job too – he’s as abrasive and annoying as the bot, but he swears more.

Of course, it’s completely legitimate for a business to collect you telephone number in a web form and call you back if you are interested. But most of the time your telephone number gets sold as a “lead” to dozens of companies and you’ll never stop the deluge. If this company honored the “stop calling me!” requests from the public, we wouldn’t have to resort to this weapons escalation.

Anyway, please enjoy this latest call and thanks again to everyone who is using the Jolly Roger Telephone service. I love telephones and telecommunications and I want to rid this congestion from the network! But most importantly, I want you to love your phone. And when it rings, I want you to connect with someone useful.

Thanks for listening!