This robot has been very popular lately and I really appreciate everyone’s interest! This is the first call that came to me from a new reader to my site. Thank you!

This call is not as entertaining as it is terrifying.

So the agent is actually pretty nice during this call. She is a competent agent and reads from her script quite well. It’s obviously a scam, but I don’t think she realizes it. They are trying to get us to purchase a vacation package that is good for two and a half years. These agents may honestly believe they’re selling a nice vacation but when it comes time to cash in, this company will be long gone and the agent will have a different job. So the calling agent and the called party are both duped. Does this sound too good to be true? Vacation package worth $3500, but you can have it for $1199 for 2 adults and 2 kids on a resort vacation PLUS a cruise for two adults on any cruise line. It’s good for 2.5 years, you can change any time, etc. Just give us your credit card number now!

We kept her on the phone for about seven minutes, so clearly we’re interested in this vacation package, right? But she is having trouble getting a credit card number from the robot. So she waves over her supervisor and we really learn what a great place this is.

There is a lot of background noise, so the robot doesn’t detect the supervisor’s suspicion. So the supervisor just thinks we’re playing with him and he gets mad. He then tells us that when customers request to be removed from their call list, he will give them our telephone number and then reads our number back to us. He also lets it slip that “they” charge three dollars whenever he gets involved in a call. The robot manages to consume about eight and a half minutes, which really cheeses off the supervisor.

This poor agent is just as clueless as the sucker she called. She shouldn’t have to suffer through that job. And that supervisor! What a jerk! He should absolutely lose his job. FCC, are you listening to this?

Listen for the applause in the background at 6:50. Unfortunately, this means someone closed a sale. It’s supposed to boost morale, but it makes me sick.

We must deploy more bots so every call costs 8 minutes of agent-time and $3 of supervisor’s time for EVERY CALL THEY MAKE. I have submitted a Kickstarter so we can build this! More soon. In the meantime, please listen carefully to this call. I have tried to caption the critical parts.

And thank you everyone!