This is an interesting call, and educational too.

First, some context – these guys would not stop calling me. Have you ever donated to charity out of the goodness of your heart and then they won’t leave you alone? Well, this caller was worse – I have never donated to this charity and they still won’t stop calling. No matter how many times I request to be removed from the list. They’re a non-profit you see? They are exempt from the Do-Not-Call list. See how effective that was?

So as you listen, please try to understand my frustration with this organization. It might be doing great work, and this guy might be a saint, but I do not want any more calls from them.

What is interesting here is the telemarketer does realize something funny is going on about five minutes into the call. So he tries to sign off (and call back later, of course), but doesn’t actually hang up the phone – he just mutes himself. The robot tries to re-engage “hello?”, “HELLO?” and eventually pulls him back onto the call. He sort of asks “look, you gonna do this or what?” and when he doesn’t get a suitable response, he mutes himself again. I let the recording ride all the way to the end and you’ll notice that it still took a long time for him to hang up. I don’t think he has control of his phone! I think he might have had to get permission or do something special to actually disconnect.

Imaging sitting in a call center, wearing a headset, fingers hovering over your keyboard, and an autodialer just feeds calls into your ear ALL DAY LONG. Let’s fund this Kickstarter – not just to save ourselves from these horrible unsolicited calls, but to save these telemarketers too.

Thanks for listening and please keep funding the Kickstarter!