Thanks everyone for calling the robot. I know some of you sent telemarketers my way, but I had a lot of people just testing it out. I’ll filter through them as time allows. Who knew there was so much pent-up anger towards the telemarketing industry? I thought it was just me!

If you did send me a telemarketer call, then please email or message me with the approximate time, time zone, and the last four digits of your caller-id. That will really help me separate the telemarketer calls from the “hey Marge, listen to this!” calls.

I was spot testing some of the recordings and it sounds like the noise/silence detection isn’t always perfect. Please don’t get discouraged if you’re testing or of you actually send a telemarketer to the robot and it doesn’t work right. It’s kinda like fishing. Sometimes you snare one, and sometimes they get away. But the more you send, the more telemarketing time we’ll all consume together! Every minute they’re talking to me, they’re not talking to you.