As soon as I heard this call I wanted to post it immediately. This is extremely flattering. These air conditioner duct cleaning scammers recognize my robot and want to stop calling me, but their system won’t take me out of their call list! At the end of this call, the agent tells his colleague or supervisor “It’s that bee on my arm guy again” and right on cue, I had a bee on my arm. As he hangs up I think they are trying to figure out how to remove me. This demonstrates the value in the telemarketers eventually figuring out they’re talking to a bot. You are broadcasting the message “this telephone line is protected” and it costs the telemarketer time, energy, resources, and money to call you.

Hey telemarketers – there is no return on investment when calling a Jolly Roger bot. Once you recognize it’s a bot. Remove the number. But it sounds like you’ll have to open a ticket with your IT department to do it.

The other really nice thing about this call is it demonstrates how effective my bot is at detecting the initial robo-message, punching through, and then engaging with an agent. This company used to send me right to an agent. And they changed their name to something even more vague so it’s impossible to research them. But this agent gives it away the they’ve called me before.

I will likely get into an artificial intelligence war with these call centers, but I am confident that my bot will be able to fool their machines to just get me to an agent. Even if they know within a minute or two. It tells them “this telephone line is protected”. And it’s in THEIR best interest to stop calling YOU. How’s that for turnabout?

Thanks for listening!