This does not happen very often. This caller eventually figures out he is talking to a robot. Sometimes my robot will malfunction and sometimes background noise will cause it to act funny, but it did okay this time. It kept this agent engaged for about seven minutes before he figured it out, then a couple more as he confirmed it.

In “trapping” these telemarketers, I’m learning a lot more about their business. Telemarketers ask a lot of “yes/no” questions where they expect a “yes” answer. My robot is very agreeable and answers “yes” all the time. With such an agreeable call, telemarketers do not want to hang up the phone. With this call, you can hear him reaching the end of his pitch and he doesn’t have anywhere else to go, but he stays on the phone and will not hang up. It’s not until he brings in a colleague (or supervisor?) at about 7:30 when he acknowledges it’s a “recording” but waits a bit longer before hanging up.

My robot is a bit unnerving, even when you know it’s fake, because it slips back into “hello?” mode when there’s a lot of silence. Then when you say something, it re-engages you. That’s a bit more sophisticated than a simple recording and what telemarketer would ever suspect such a thing?

Anyway, please enjoy this latest call.