Some of you heard this Biz-Bot deal with a really aggressive cold caller in a previous post. But this one is a much better example of the interactive nature of this receptionist named Polly Crackers. She eventually gets flustered and transfers the call to an office worker named Phil. Phil spends some time with him and eventually transfers the call back to Polly. By this time, I’m pretty sure the guy figures out what’s going on, but he plays along in an interesting way. It’s quite entertaining all the way through, and if you have not heard Polly before, it gets funny during the train-wreck of her day.

Now, it’s really easy to feel sympathy for this guy. I’ve got no hard feelings for him or his business. But he is just calling every business he can and asks for “the person in charge of your web site.” In my opinion as a telephone guy, it is NOT OKAY to use the telephone network like this. If you want to free your employees from endless cold-calls, please consider one of these.

I am now providing services in the UK! I know the UK has problems with telemarketing. Is anyone over there who can discuss cold-calls? If you’re in the UK, please check out the UK numbers on the “pick a robot” pages at my web site. If you’re not in the UK but know someone over there, please send this message to them!

Thanks all – and thanks for listening to this call!