This is my scariest call. I get calls all the time from this air duct cleaning company. It makes me happy to think about all the time I have wasted from these horrible scammers, but this call was a little chilling when I listened to it a few hours later. I was actually worried about this guy showing up at my house the next day.

As soon as this call was over, he called back again. Now, my robot is not supposed to answer the same caller-id within an hour, but since he is calling from a fake caller-id, the robot did pick up. He said “yeah” at the beginning, and then just listened to the robot make little acknowledgement sounds for almost three minutes. CREEPY!

Those of you who have been listening to all my calls are probably tired of me talking about how we need to end these scammers. I would NOT want this guy calling you, your parents, or your kids. Thanks for your support through this crazy February. And let’s create more bots to waste the time of as many scammers as we can. You can hear a call center full of these people in the background. Making appointments, charging deposits on credit cards. Repeat.